Black History Month

We had as our guests at Stanly Community College in North Carolina today the Johnathan Blanchard Band. They presented a wonderful musical program of civil rights music along with informative stories and lessons from Black history in America. It was both entertaining and educational. There was a good turn out from the surrounding community as well as students, staff and faculty from the college. I enjoyed myself very much and learned a few things. Tech stuff: all of these photos were taken with the Nikon Df and either the DC-Nikkor 105mm f2 lens, or the Voigtlander 40mm f2 lens. These monochromes are straight from the camera with no adjustments. The ISO ranged from 1800 to 4000.








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  1. Real nice Dan. The photos are captivating in more ways than 1. This is the first set of images from the DF that actually stopped me in my tracks. There’s a clarity that I have not seen in any other samples anywhere. Nah….it must be the shooter….yeah, sure…that’s it!

      1. Dan, we are brothers in eyes. I know you couldn’t be that clear….lol

        I would not suggest you show your stuff to the other FF crowd. Surely the DF is the leader of the pack……

        Last cookie found it’s Wray home this morning.

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