A Visually Rich Day

When I got up this morning and saw the fog I prepared to enjoy the mysteriously photogenic appeal that foggy days bring. Since I am ten days into my goal to post a new photo everyday taken with the Nikon Df, it promised to be a good day. So when it came time in the evening to chose a single photo to post it was not an easy choice. For example, I like this one of a badly damage Oak tree silhouetted in the fog struggling to live even though its top half broke off in a storm a few years ago. (ISO 12800)
Bare winter trees in fog. A broken Oak tree struggling to live.
Then I decided to take a country road side trip on my way to the office and see what else might present itself. That led me to the picture I posted on the Df page, and this one that follows of an old train trestle bridge that is still in use. (My goal for the future is to catch it when there is a train on it.) (ISO 100)
An old train tressel bridge on the outskirts of Mount Gilead, North Carolina.
Further up the same road I found this delightful representation (or was it the real thing?) of an old gas station. (ISO 450)
All of these were shot with the Nikon Df and the Nikon 24-85 f2.8-4 zoom lens.

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        1. I’ll make one for you. There is another version of that bridge on the nikonDF page on this site.

  1. Dan, nice photos and they have a look to them. No, I’m not talking about the obvious, the photographic style or Nikon DF, nope, not that at all. In fact I don’t recognize any of that in your photos. I guess it’s because when I see your photos, I SEE you…..that stops me from thinking about cameras and stuff……I just get to SEE without intrusion.

    1. Thanks, Don. Seeing beyond the equipment, as you have emphasized so well in your blog, is surely the goal for all of us.

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