Small Town Street Photography

I have done a little street photography in New York where everyone has a camera. It is easy there since there is a tourist atmosphere and plenty to see. For the most part people do not acknowledge the cameras. But in a small down, like the ones I live in and work in, the story is different. It is difficult to get candid shots without being noticed. Some may even question with words or gesture what you are doing. In this shot these three men were sitting around outside the small market and gas station, resting on the bags of deer corn.
As you can see one of them noticed me as I took the shot. His gesture along with body language and facial expression was asking why I was photographing them. I just smiled, and gave him a “thumbs up” and walked away. No problem for me, but anyone who wants to do this kind of photography will have to settle for themselves in advance what they will do when questioned.

Three African American men hanging out at the corner gas station convenient store in Mount Gilead, North Carolina.

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