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As some readers will know I have been posting a new picture every day, taken that day, with the Nikon Df. Yesterday, June 24th was the first time I missed a day with that camera, due to travel. While traveling I kept the Sony RX100v.1 on my belt. So that has led me to reconsider my picture a day project. Starting with the 24th of June the picture a day will be with any camera I have, which was the RX100 yesterday. I suppose the Nikon Df will continue to dominate this project but the pictures will no longer be exclusively with that camera. I completed as of June 23rd 168 days of a new picture every day with the Df. Here are some additional travel shots with the RX100. The 30th street rail station in Philly is a magnificent old building.

Here is the handy belt holster for the RX100.

The reason I was traveling was for the Lenswork Roadshow led by Brooks Jensen, a truly inspirational conference.
Lenswork Roadshow

Oh, and don’t let me forget the waitress at the Californian for lunch, who looked so puzzled when I asked if I could take her picture. “What should I do?” she said. “Just ignore me” said I.

The last three shots were taken with the Fujifilm X100s. That’s all for now.

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  • streetshooter

    Dan, of course you sort things out very well and make interesting photos.
    May I suggest, a picture a day with any camera but… each have their own calendar…..
    hmmmmm don

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