Leica Q

This is now the third Leica camera I have owned. Previously I used the Leica M (Type 240) as you can see on another page in this site. I loved that camera but regrettably sold it and the few lenses with it. Later, for only a short time I tried the less expensive Leica T. It was a disappointment so it also went the way of Ebay. Now there arrives the truly innovative Leica Q. This is a gem of a camera with a stellar attached 28mm lens (no lens swapping on this camera). Call it nostalgia, call it love of quality, call it brand loyalty (which is hardly the case for me since I use Nikon, Fujifilm and Sony cameras as well) or call it whatever you like, the mystique of the Leica is alive and well. This Leica is not a traditional rangefinder camera, but it does include real manual focus (not by wire), as well as exceptionally good auto focus. So on this page I will post some of my photographic results exclusively with the Q.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird coming causiously to feeder.

Sunrise at our Piedmont home place, June 2017

Shells on Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, June, 2017

Ocean Isle Beach OIB, June, 2017

Kali with Fried Chicken and Iphone at OIB, winner of the Leica Society Instagram fan of the week in Early June, 2017

Man fishing while talking on phone, Ocean Isle Beach Pier, June 2017

Daddy Long-legs on ceiling

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