Picture A Day

As some readers will know I have been posting a new picture every day, taken that day, with the Nikon Df. Yesterday, June 24th was the first time I missed a day with that camera, due to travel. While traveling I kept the Sony RX100v.1 on my belt. So that has led me to reconsider my picture a day project. Starting with the 24th of June the picture a day will be with any camera I have, which was the RX100 yesterday. I suppose the Nikon Df will continue to dominate this project but the pictures will no longer be exclusively with that camera. I completed as of June 23rd 168 days of a new picture every day with the Df. Here are some additional travel shots with the RX100. The 30th street rail station in Philly is a magnificent old building.

Here is the handy belt holster for the RX100.

The reason I was traveling was for the Lenswork Roadshow led by Brooks Jensen, a truly inspirational conference.
Lenswork Roadshow

Oh, and don’t let me forget the waitress at the Californian for lunch, who looked so puzzled when I asked if I could take her picture. “What should I do?” she said. “Just ignore me” said I.

The last three shots were taken with the Fujifilm X100s. That’s all for now.

Walking Philly with Streetshooter

Don (Streetshooter) and I met online a few years ago while we were frequenting the Serious Compacts website. We had never met face-to-face until today when we scheduled a time to do some street photography while I was in the area for a weekend conference. So here are a few examples of what I saw. (You can see some of Don’s work on his blog.)
Philadelphia Streets
The city of brotherly love still celebrates the idea.
Philadelphia Streets
Homeless on Philadelphia Streets

Those who know Don’s work will recognize the washed out high key effect here, but he does it better.
Philadelphia Streets

It was a lovely day for a family outing, and it is always a good time to feed the birds who neither toil nor spin nor gather into barns.
Philadelphia Streets

People and their faces are endlessly interesting. No other animal on earth says quit as much with their face as we humans despite Darwin’s efforts to minimize the distance.
Philadelphia Streets
Philadelphia Streets
Philadelphia Streets

I often wonder what people are talking about when I catch them in conversations with the camera. They are all moments locked and lost in time.
Philadelphia Streets
Philadelphia Streets

It has been many years since I visited this home of the Liberty Bell and much has changed, including the Bell’s home where tourists were behind the glass as well.
Philadelphia Streets

Finally, tired and ready to return to my hotel by train I wait along with another weary traveler.
Philadelphia Streets

Thanks for the good morning, Don. There is one more shot from the day on the NikonDf section of this site.

Travelling By Train

The Lenswork Roadshow in Philadelphia is the destination, by train from Salisbury North Carolina. The trip was long with several delays turning the whole thing into almost 14 hours. My camera of choice for most of it was the Fujifilm X100s. So we begin in the waiting room of the Amtrak station in Salisbury where this young man gave me helpful pointers about the uses of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
When the train arrived we were directed to different cars depending upon our destinations. So I started up a good conversation but then was separated from my new acquaintances.
When the train is not being held up by unexpected delays it moves along smartly. This is where I found the X100s to be a very responsive camera. It acquired focus quickly and took the shots with minimum delay. This shot was taken through the window as our trains passed going opposite directions.
The silent shutter setting was helpful for getting some in the cabin candid shots.

The trains are staffed with helpful conductors (or whatever they are called now).

We passed a wide diversity of environments, city-scapes, farms, bogs, residential areas and plenty of graffiti.

The trip is lengthened considerably by many stops for passengers to disembark and board.

Finally, 30th street station, Philadelphia.

Travel Tip: Always remember to bring the charger for the camera batteries! I forgot the charger for the X100s batteries, so that camera will soon be out of service on this trip. Fortunately it is not the only camera I have along.

A Lovely Cowboy Themed Wedding

We spent the afternoon in a lovely vineyard here in North Carolina attending the wedding of a friend’s daughter. The theme was casual country in a beautiful outdoor setting. In the hot 88 degree sun it was good to be dressed down with open collars and not ties or coats. The bride arrived in a buckboard.
Cowboy themed wedding.

When she got to the place for the service her two brothers helped her out.
Cowboy themed wedding.
Cowboy themed wedding.

The service was conducted by a friend of ours. They were in the shade of a great oak tree.
Cowboy themed wedding.

After the kiss, she replaces his hat. Nice work, girl.
Cowboy themed wedding.

Then down the isle and onto the buckboard. She has the reins!
Cowboy themed wedding.
Cowboy themed wedding.

Many years ago there was an interlude in my life when a good deal of my living was made photographing weddings. Today it was a pleasure to be under no pressure, just a time to relax with friends and enjoy a little photography. Marie and Andrew, may you have many happy years ahead.
Cowboy themed wedding.


I love clouds, all kinds of clouds in all kinds of weather. During my picture a day project with the Nikon Df I have had occasion to photograph a lot of clouds. So here is a selection. Two or three of these were put up in the picture a day with the Df but most have not been seen here before.
Morning broken clouds against a blue sky.

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”
― John Lubbock, The Use Of Life

Sunrise and stratocumulus clouds, Piedmont of North Carolina.

“There was a star riding through clouds one night, & I said to the star, ‘Consume me’.”
― Virginia Woolf, The Waves

Full Moon, stars, clouds  in a winter evening, Piedmont of North Carolina.

Sunrise on a cloudy winter morning.

We all benefit from a space where clouds can be seen. The more open and expansive the better. There is something seemingly transcendent in the wonders of cloud formations. Oh yes the science has explanations for all the types of clouds, but that does not negate their art.

Fair weather cumulus clouds.

whispy cirrus clouds

Wispy Cirrus clouds and vapor trails at sunrise, Piedmont of North Carolina.

I expect, as long as I am able, to keep photographing clouds. Each day, every hour the skies remind us of the always changing nature of life on this wonderful planet. There surely is not another exactly like it in this whole enormous cosmos.