Twilight in Town

Twilight is that time of day, especially in the evening, when the sun is below the horizon but continues to supply some light to the sky. Is is a beautiful time of day for photography. The key is to balance exposure so the rich deep color of sky is neither too dark nor too light, but the other elements of the scene are also exposed well. This works well in a cityscape where the artificial lights of the city will more or less balance with the sky. Of course this does not usually work well with an overcast sky. Here is an example from Albemarle, North Carolina on a clear February evening, taken with a Sony NEX5N and a Voigtlander 15mm lens.

Charlotte Street Photography

Charlotte, NC, is a small city with a big attitude. One can walk the uptown region in a few hours easily. Nevertheless there is a lot to see, and much of it is beautiful. I spent some time there on a Saturday afternoon recently, and have uploaded some of my images in the Street Photography gallery. If someone wants a lot of people pictures a weekday would be better, or at least a weekend when it is not as cold and windy as the day I was there. All the pictures that day were taken with a Sony NEX 5N and the Sony/Zeiss 24mm lens.

Street Performer in center of Charlotte, North Carolina, at Trade and Tryon streets, in front of Founders Hall on a Saturday afternoon.

Life Underfoot

Greens in the cracks of a sidewalk may be the bane of maintenance people, and home owners, but when I see a thriving community of plants growing underfoot on a sidewalk, or sprouting between rocks, I marvel. I marvel at the persistence of life, the determination of living things to thrive. We take them for granted, but they speak of a power that makes planet earth the wonderful island of life that it is.

Everybody has a camera in NYC

Last May I traveled to New York to see my first grandchild, and was able to find some time for street photography in the city. Everybody, it seems has a camera in the city. And there are endless characters to photograph. The young women here had just used their phones to photograph the woman in costume. The selective color feature of Silver Efex Pro 2 was used for this effect.This was taken on Seventh Avenue near Time Square with the Fujifilm X100.


Have you ever seen a full rainbow? I have only once, and since I usually have a camera with me, I was able to get it on film. This was taken years ago in upstate NY on slide film. All of us who used to shoot on film, but now on digital have the unpleasant task of scanning the film to convert to digital. The actual process of scanning is not enjoyable to me, but the recovery of older film images is a blessing.